Carob seed flour, the natural thicket for your ice cream


Carruba is the fruit of a tree whose seeds, decorated, are ground to become a white flour useful for many preparations. Let's discover carob seed flour together.
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Carob seed flour is a very high viscosity product has the property of absorbing water up to 40%, making it an excellent thickening, stabilizing and emulsioning.

It is labelled with the acronym E410, as carob seed flour is a food additive, that is, a "flour" that facilitates the processing of the product.


Carob seed flour is used in the food industry, in the preparation of sauces, canned meat, mayonnaise, sausages, in the pharmaceutical sector, in the bakery and pastry sector to maintain the fragrance of products. In the ice cream industry, as carob seed flour gives the ice cream a uniform and velvety structure, avoiding the formation of ice crystals.


Carob seed flour is used from 0.5% to 1% to thicken creams, sauces, vegetable yoghurts and puddings. It is used especially in the preparation of ice creams with a uniform and velvety structure, without forming the unwanted ice crystals.

It is necessary to make this carob seed flour soluble in the mixture, that is, mix it with the other ingredients (e.g. ice cream mixture, cream, your sauce, etc.) and bring it all to the temperature of at least 80 degrees for 2-3 min.

When your preparation cools you will notice that your ice cream remains velvety and does not form the classic ice crystals, your sauce will be dense without having strange aftertaste (the flour of carob seeds is tasteless), your bread will be more stable and with a will be more homogeneous.

Carob seed flour can also be used as a natural thickener in the preparation of velvety, sweet creams, sauces for seasonings, jams and ice creams. The carobs contain in fact pectin, a gelding and thickening useful in the kitchen and also exploited in the food industry.

There is no need to overdo it with doses of carob seed flour as the thickening properties of this flour are very high.

Carob is a fruit with extraordinary properties: it can be used as a regulator of intestinal functions, dye substances are obtained and three types of headlights are obtained:

carob seed flour that is used in pastry as an additive: the conspicuous pectin in it performs a thickening function (similar to that of cornstarch but with fewer calories), it also helps to stabilize and homogenize the ice creams and to make milk-free cakes and eggs.
Carob pulp flour that tastes very similar to cocoa and is often used as a substitute for this food in the preparation of sweets. It enjoys a lower environmental and social impact and, unlike cocoa, is caffeine-free; it also contains no cholesterol, is rich in calcium and iron and is extremely sugary.
Flour of the entire pod, more rough and fibrous, is often used in traditional recipes for the preparation of even salty dishes such as dumplings or risottos.
The number of vitamins contained in it is practically infinite, rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates is much loved by those who carry a vegan or paleo diet and can be used as a drink in place of barley preparations.

What do you want to do with carRUBE's FARINA?? HERE'S HOW!

Ingredients (for two servings of ice cream):

300ml soy milk,
10 tbsp seed oil
5 tbsp sugar
1 teaspoon carob seed flour.
Taste of choice, for example: citrus juice, fruit smoothies, chocolate flakes, pistachio paste or almond etc.

Slowly melt the carob seed flour in a saucepan with soy milk.
Then add the sugar and bring to the boil, then allow to cool.
Once the mixture has cooled, put it in a blender with the amount of oil indicated and the taste you have chosen.
Blend at maximum power and then put in the ice cream maker.
Let the ice cream maker rest for about an hour and enjoy your ice cream!