Panettone Fiasconaro, Sicilian Christmas tradition!

The panettone Fiasconaro, Sicilian Christmas tradition!

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the Sicilian tradition of Christmas cakes is renewed as every year. One of the undisputed excellences of traditional Sicilian sweetery is represented by the confectionery masters Fiasconaro of Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie, whose Christmas panettones are appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Food In Sicily offers you the Panettone Fiasconaro, a real Sicilian Sicilian specialty, buying it will be quick and easy in our shop!

Panettone fiasconaroThe Panettone Fiasconaro is available in the almond version of Avola, raisins flavored with zibibbo and marsala and icing, or classic with fresh candied orange and raisins flavored with zibibbo and marsala, or even the famous Panettone Fiasconaro "Gold of Manna", something unique that is definitely worth trying and also giving, thanks elegant packaging with which it presents itself.

Manna is a product made from the bark of the Ash, of the Madonie nature park. The Panettone Fiasconaro "Gold of Manna" is covered with white icing and cast of mannets. The elegant packaging includes in addition to the Panettone Fiasconaro "Manna Gold" also

  • a jar of 180g spreadable Manna cream
  • a spatula to spread on the soft slices of Easter dove the delicious manna.

To make this unique Panettone, Fiasconaro uses the natural manna that can be spread on the slices of the cake thanks to the spatula present inside the package, but also thanks to the natural leavening of the dough, which enhances the fragrance and the use of only natural products of the highest choice, such as honey, milk, cream. A slow and gradual rise, which comes naturally to completion within 36 hours, guarantees quality and fragrance to this baked product, in full respect of Sicilian confectionery traditions.

The rise according to Fiasconaro

An unmistakable sign of the fiasconaro panettone is the natural leavening, a very slow fermentation process that lasts a good 36 hours. The sourdough originates in the "mother", a nucleus of fermented dough to which water and flour are added, progressively. Fiasconaro had a 65-year-old sourdough from a pastry chef in Lombardy 15 years ago as a gift. Every evening at 8 p.m. the rite of regeneration of the strain in the water is celebrated. A solemn moment! It is a process that has always been renewed by maintaining itself and at the same pace, and which, in order to occur, requires skill, attention and, above all, the non-use of chemical additives and preservatives, while guaranteeing the product a "life" surprisingly long. The rest do the leavening times, 36 hours, no vacuum technology, 24 hours for natural dehumidification. The sourdough through this absolutely natural process offers quality characteristics, in terms of lightness and fragrance, unique and unequal. A modern and ever-expanding company, which soon gained a prominent place in the sector, establishing itself in the domestic and international market for the excellence of its products.