"Favignana" Christmas gift pack

"Favignana" Christmas gift pack

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Gift package with 7 tasty Sicilian products of the highest quality:

1) Panettone Fiasconaro, Award-winning 3 Stars of the Superior Taste Award, ITQI Brussels With chocolate or traditional chips with fresh orange candied and raisins flavored with marsala and Cabibbo, or Sicilian almonds or with chocolate chips, 750 g

2) Modica Chocolate Bar, 100 gr, ancient Aztec recipe for this typical chocolate, with a grainy appearance because it is processed at low temperatures -

3) Candied orange zest with chocolate, an artisanal product of fine Sicilian pastry, 200 grams

4) Sicilian artisanal sauce 350 g, typical recipe

5) Homemade Nougat, with Sicilian almonds and honey, white or chocolate

6) Carob amaretti or assorted almond biscuits, individually packaged, 220g

7) Bronze-drawn handmade pasta made with Sicilian grains, slow drying, 500 grams

The Favignana gift box is carefully crafted, the contents of the gift case are well-protected thanks to the use of containment boxes for glass jars. It is finally packaged with an elegant Christmas ribbon.

All the products of the gift box are of the highest quality and handcrafted in Sicily.

You can enter a greeting card to be sent to the recipient.

Each Christmas gift box Food in Sicily is widely customizable with all our typical Sicilian products, you can compose it as you like choosing from the various products of our catalog and finally inserting the gift box among those contacting our Customer Service for support and assistance in creating your Christmas gift box.

It is also ideal for corporate gifts, gifts to employees and suppliers/customers of companies, thanks to the "briefcase" format that is easy to transport but also elegant and exclusive.

Buy our gift boxes online, it's quick and easy! You will be delivered in a very short time at home or at the address of the person to whom you will want to make this welcome gift!