Organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, Premium, Tenuta Arena, 0.75 ml

Organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, Premium, Tenuta Arena, 0.75 ml

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Estate Arena is produced with organic Sicilian organic cultivars more resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions and weeds.
Our organic olives are hand-picked while waiting for the right degree of maturation.
They undergo a soft and cold pressing, strictly on the same day when they were harvested, so as to get the best Extra Virgin Oil of Organic Olive, rich in perfumes and nutritional qualities.

The Extra Virgin Olive Organic Estate Arena has a pleasant hint of green tomato and artichoke and a final shade of freshly cut grass. These aroma descriptors are associated with the bright green color of freshly crushed oil, which over time takes on golden reflections.
Its extraordinary qualities are evidenced by the natural richness of vitamin E and the very low degree of acidity, and it is characterized by the delicate taste and is naturally suitable for even the youngest.

Soups, toast, roasts, cheeses, grilled meats, salads and fish dishes whose flavor enhances dishes with an authentic taste.


Estate Arena is the expression of the sensitivity and enthusiasm of a new generation that continues the family tradition that began in 1966, always distinguished by the passion in the cultivation of olive trees, and that every year in Autumn renews the magic of oil.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Estate Arena is produced in the hills of Piazza Armerina, a small village right in the center of Sicily, in the province of Enna, historically linked to agriculture since Roman times. It is in this setting that for over 50 years the Arena Family has been dealing with the art of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The varieties of olive trees typical of the territory are still grown manually dedicating every day work and attention with the same passion as once.
The quality obtained is the maximum achievable thanks to the respect of a strict discipline that regulates all stages of production, the philosophy has always been to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only excellent but unique, equipped with the typical that only this territory can offer.
The oil is cold-pressed, unfiltered to keep the sensory characteristics unchanged.

We respect the territory by following the rules of eco-friendly olive farming to leave it intact for future generations, for this we are sure to offer a unique and excellent quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.